$36 Dayton Plunger, Cross Roller General Purpose Limit Switch; Locat Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Dayton Plunger Cross Roller Spring new work one after another General Limit Locat Switch; Purpose Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Switch;,joeandbeckycruse.com,Roller,Purpose,Plunger,,Cross,Limit,Locat,Dayton,/Mutisia107711.html,$36,General Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Switch;,joeandbeckycruse.com,Roller,Purpose,Plunger,,Cross,Limit,Locat,Dayton,/Mutisia107711.html,$36,General Dayton Plunger Cross Roller Spring new work one after another General Limit Locat Switch; Purpose $36 Dayton Plunger, Cross Roller General Purpose Limit Switch; Locat Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Dayton Plunger Cross Roller Spring new Cheap super special price work one after another General Limit Locat Switch; Purpose

Dayton Plunger, Cross Roller General Purpose Limit Switch; Locat


Dayton Plunger, Cross Roller General Purpose Limit Switch; Locat

Product description

This enclosed limit switch features a plunger actuator, screw terminal connectors, and vertical movement.

Limit Switch Style: General Purpose Limit Switch
Basic Actuator Style - Limit Switch: Plunger
Actuator Style - Limit Switch: Plunger, Cross Roller
Actuator Location - Limit Switch: Top
Item: General Purpose Limit Switch
AC Contact Rating - Limit Switch: 15A @ 480V
DC Contact Rating - Limit Switch: 15A @ 480V
Contact Form- Switches: SPDT
Body Height - Limit Switch: 1.76"
Body Width - Limit Switch: 3.39"
Body Depth - Limit Switch: 1.01"
Boot Sealed Actuator - Limit Switch: Yes
Threaded for Panel Mounting - Limit Switch: No
Body Style - Limit Switch: Miniature
NEMA Rating: 3, 4, 13
Wiring Entry: 1/2" NPT
Electrical Connection: Screw Terminals
IP Rating: 65
Movement: Vertical
Travel: Maximum Pre-Travel 1mm, Over Travel 3.5mm
Series: Dayton
Operating Temp. Range: -14 Degrees to 176 Degrees F
Operating Force: 18 oz.
Standards: UL, CSA, CE

Dayton Plunger, Cross Roller General Purpose Limit Switch; Locat

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