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Year-end annual account LUXE DENIM favorite SLIMS Crop Cuffed Jeans

LUXE DENIM SLIMS Cuffed Crop Jeans


LUXE DENIM SLIMS Cuffed Crop Jeans

Product description

These slim-fitting crop jeans boast cuffed hems, and feature a pull-on waist, concealed 4" midsection minimizer, 2" visible waistband, faux front pocket details and functional back pockets for the look of denim in a streamlined fit. Luxe Denim Slims offer ultimate comfort and compression in a luxurious look and feel: our exclusive fabric has 4-way stretch and 24/7 recovery, giving you a perfect fit every time.

LUXE DENIM SLIMS Cuffed Crop Jeans



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