Christopher,P,/Jock334904.html,$66,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,CaliRoseJewelry,Round,Charm,St,Protect,Us,,Gold,10k $66 CaliRoseJewelry 10k Gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women CaliRoseJewelry OFFicial mail order 10k Gold St Christopher Round Charm Us Protect P $66 CaliRoseJewelry 10k Gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women CaliRoseJewelry OFFicial mail order 10k Gold St Christopher Round Charm Us Protect P Christopher,P,/Jock334904.html,$66,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,CaliRoseJewelry,Round,Charm,St,Protect,Us,,Gold,10k

CaliRoseJewelry OFFicial mail order 10k Gold St Christopher Trust Round Charm Us Protect P

CaliRoseJewelry 10k Gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm P


CaliRoseJewelry 10k Gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm P

Product description

This 10k gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm pendant is perfect for any occasion.

Pendant Height: 1.08” (27.5 mm)

Pendant Width: 0.78” (19.9 mm)

Pendant Weight: 1.6g

CaliRoseJewelry 10k Gold St Christopher Protect Us Round Charm P



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