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ZXCVASDF Max Elegant 78% OFF Bamboo Roller Blinds Light Roll Filtering B Up

ZXCVASDF Bamboo Roller Blinds, Light Filtering Roll Up Blinds, B


ZXCVASDF Bamboo Roller Blinds, Light Filtering Roll Up Blinds, B

Product description


Dream that you’re in the tropics with our natural reed and bamboo shades, which lets soft light and a breezy feel in while sitting or lying on your lounge. The roll-up fastener makes it simple to roll up to any height to slightly block the sun’s rays.

Our Solar Shades are the perfect light control solution for sunrooms, patios, pergolas, and decks. The breathable 65% UV Ray protection fabric provides privacy without blocking your view completely.

☆Name: Bamboo Blinds
☆Installation method: internal installation, external installation
☆Working principle: pull rope
☆Maintenance: clean with a wet towel
☆Size (width x height): can be customized.
☆Function: shading, light transmission, ventilation, UV resistance

☆Measurement methods
External installation:
Width = window width + 15 cm (6in)
Height = window height + 15 cm (6in)
Internal installation:
Width = window width-1 cm (0.4in)
Height = window height

Package Contents:
1x Bamboo Blinds
1x installation accessories

Please note, Do not place your shades in moist, damp environments.
1. The actual items may vary in color from the computer monitor's calibration colors.
2. It is processed by hand, so the finished product usually has an error of 1-3 cm, please understand.

ZXCVASDF Bamboo Roller Blinds, Light Filtering Roll Up Blinds, B

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